Bill Toliopoulos Contributes to Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner

September 2, 2020 Publications

Bill Toliopoulos is proud to be a contributing author for Wolters Kluwer’s newly released book, Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner.

Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner provides litigation and arbitration teams with the tools necessary to identify potential risks owners may encounter throughout the construction process. Written by a team of authors who are not only experienced in resolving construction disputes, but also are known and respected for their expertise in specific areas commonly encountered in construction litigation, the book is an ideal reference and resource to assist attorneys in tackling sophisticated legal issues through a transparent, yet detailed, analysis.

Bill Toliopoulos was responsible for updating and drafting Chapter 11, entitled Proving Liability and Damages. In this chapter, Bill provides practice tools to assist construction law practitioners in understanding and leveraging the owner’s relationships in the construction project.  Bill also provides a summary analysis of the different types of damages available to owners and how they can be proven at trial or arbitration.

Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner is available through the Wolters Kluwer website here.

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