Laurie & Brennan Lawyers Contribute To Chapter On Contracting With Illinois Public Entities For Public Projects

January 10, 2024 Publications

Bill Toliopoulos and Mark Noth are proud, contributing authors for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s 2024 Edition of the handbook, Representing the Parties to a Construction Project. Bill and Mark updated and drafted Chapter 3 of the handbook, Contracting with a Public Entity for a Public Works Project. Chapter 3 provides a comprehensive guide for attorneys representing all stakeholders involved in Illinois public works projects, including public entities, prime contractors, subcontractors, and designers. The chapter addresses a wide range of complex issues unique to public projects, covering the fundamentals of public procurement, financing, preconstruction, and construction delivery. It also discusses the fine line between public and private projects and the implications of the conversion of a private project to a public project. 

In addition, L&B is proud to announce Associate Brendan Witry’s contribution to Chapter 5 of the handbook. Chapter 5 provides an overview of the issues faced by specialty trade contractors on both private and public projects. In addition to providing guidance on the contours of public and private projects, Chapter 5 also discusses the various project delivery methods that a trade contractor may encounter. Brendan drew upon his experience in evaluating construction disputes in the public sector and in his practice to update Chapter 5.